Monday, February 22, 2016

Christmas 2016

I know it's early for Christmas, this is only February after all, but last year I was rushing to lay in some cards because I wanted to send one to EVERYONE.  Sometimes I get an idea and wear myself out.  So this year, I decided to try to make a few every month so hopefully, next winter I'll have them ready to address and send out way ahead of time.  It's the thought that counts.

Anyway, here are some I've made for my Christmas stash.  And some days it just feels like Christmas, you know?

I computer generated the sentiment on this one.
The sweater design paper is from a big stack of card stock with a lot of great images.

I cut out some and put them on tags.

This from another Christmas stack.  Such cute images.


The following were made with NAPKINS!  This last year I've had so much fun using Mod Podge and napkins to make cards with.  Many friends have sent me tons of napkins, and I've looked for them in stores to add to my stash too.  One can never have enough napkins.  

Last fall I spent a couple of days just doing Mod Podgey craftiness.  (Yes, that's a word, look it up.)  And recently I dragged out those pieces and cut them with dies or just into rectangles to add to cards.  I thought these turned out sweet.  I can't wait to send them out next Christmas.  (If I can bear to part with them.)

Fewer cards to make at the last minute now!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

February already?

So much crafty goodness has been going on the last 6 months and my poor blog has been neglected.  I just want to post some recent cards and then I'll see about rounding up some that I've made in the last half year so I don't lose them.  :)

Recently, one of the ladies from our group, Barb Housner, suggested we make cards for a children's home that requested cards for their kids.  Encouragement, you are special, happy birthday and so on, so here are a few I am going to send this week.  Hopefully they will elicit smiles.

Collins Children's Home
c/o Alena Pelfrey, Ex. Dir.
PO Box 745
Seneca, SC 29679

I was organizing my craft area and found a box with card fronts that I had started and hoped to make into a card later, so I got those out and started embellishing.  Quick cards!

Wink of Stella on the "hugs".

Washi tape makes a quick design element.

Remember eyelets?
And Mickie is duct tape!

Fun wrapping paper makes a great background paper.

Chipboard clouds.
Inking just the "gray" on that stamp takes a steady hand.
(Pats self on back)

I made these scraps out of separate solid color sheets, then used my tape roller on them to adhere to a piece of white card stock.  
Kaleidacolor stamp pad for the sentiment.

More already made background paper, add some ribbon and stars and a sentiment, and voila!
I have a big Ziplock baggie of stars leftover from OWH.

Ribbon, stars, sentiment, you're my hero!

Did I say I had a few stars?
The diagonal red and white strip is Washi tape with red ribbon top and bottom over a black strip of card stock.

A card front with the rainbow scraps, then run through the Cuttle Bug with a heart die.  Inset some glitter hearts cut with the same die and nice flat, sparkly embellishment.
Sparkly Washi tape under the sentiment.


These following Robot set were made with images I cut out of a big sheet of wrapping paper I got at Blick Art Store last year.  

We were not supposed to use this kind of paper on OWH cards because of possible copyright infringement issues, but I thought for cards going to kids, they would bring a few smiles.  And I have a couple of sets of great outer space type images and sentiments. 

Inside they say:  

Happy Birthday
Have a blast.

Some have rhinestone eyes, and the "Robot with Spark" in the lower left hand corner has Wink of Stella on the sparks coming out of his chest.  Sparkly spark!
The one next to him has gold stars, but the shine, alas, doesn't really show.  They ARE gold.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sent 18 in the mail 2/23/16 to theCollins Home.