Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good friends and Any Hero letters...and maybe a challenge or two...

This last week I went out to lunch with my old long time friends Punky, Kathy and Dorothy and we spent a good bit of it looking at Kathy's pictures from her recent trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco.  Wow,  that looked like an amazing trip.  Kathy took her husband's ashes and scattered some in several places because this was the trip they had planned to go on together before he got so sick.  She said she couldn't believe it's been 6 months already.  I know, right?  How can time keep passing when you're missing someone that was a part of your heart?

But, after we oohed and ahhed at all of her fabulous pictures, I brought out my Ziploc bag of cards and asked them to write Any Hero letters for OWH.  I figured I would have to explain what it was all about and try to SELL them on the idea of penning a note to our heroes, but nope...they just each picked one and wrote a brief note of love and encouragement!  I don't know why I thought it would be an imposition.  I <3 my friends!  So, now I have 4 more Any Hero letters to include in my next box of cards to Sandy.

Recently I uploaded some of the cards I'd been working on this month for different OWH card parties.  You know, our regular gatherings at Ellen's, or East Woods, or the Emeritus Senior Living bashes.  So here they are.

For this one, I found some shiny chipboard letters in my stash. 

This one uses a darling scrapbook cutout that came in a box of goodies that Sandy sent down to our East Woods card making group last month.  There were tons of craft goodies in that box.  I just used a sentiment stamp and it was nearly done.  Easy peasy.

These were made using some military phonetic stickers that Sandy gave me last year when I went up to Federal Way for a scrap/card making event at Scrap That, her local stamp store.

I had this awesome Washi tape with the numbers on them and made up some number themed sentiments on my computer.  These were kits I took to our last East Woods Presbyterian Church event.
The ruler background paper I found in my stash.  I really do need to go through it more often because I find such treasures I forgot I had.  And I used OWH Sketch #143 for the yellow and black cards.

Another example of great paper I forgot I had.  OWH sketch #25 again.  

The sketches make it so easy to make great cards without having to spend hours "thinking up" a design.  Thank you OWH.

Now, I'll be hitting my craft table to try some of those challenges I keep reading about.  I haven't done them before, but I need to take the plunge.  Maybe it will become habit forming.  (I hope) And Our Daily Bread has offered to send in donations to OWH if they get so many uploads each month on their challenges.  Sounds like a Win Win to me. Still time to get in on the June one.   :)

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