Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Any Hero Cards...

With the idea of making a new batch of Any Hero Cards, I went through my embellishment drawer and I came up with these.  It's a great way to use up scraps and I found this great box of metal "dog tags" that I have had absolutely forever.  They came in a box with a long chain so that you could pair words together and make a necklace with different sentiments.  I always thought they would be great on Any Hero cards, so I paired up different words that would fit.  

This one says "read now."

"sound bite"

I have a slug of others and will try to make more.  They work well on the little chain, so if the service person decides to take it off the card, they can have a cute memento or key chain.  They do not work as cards they can send home because of the lumpiness of the chain.  I've thought perhaps I might get some thin silver cord and use that and maybe those would go through the mail OK, but I'm still working on that idea.  I think they are so cute.

This one uses military phonetic stickers Sandy gave me last year in a pack of goodies.  They are dwindling and I LOVE them.  Thanks again, Sandy.

I love this sketch.  It's one from Operation Write Home, and I thought punching out the stars in the sentiment circle to allow the dark blue to show through underneath was a nice touch.  And those are the very last of those nice gold stick on stars I had.  Time to hit Peddler's Pack again.  Good thing it's not in Nevada.  LOL.

I love the sentiment on this one.

(I stole it from someone on the Operation Write Home FB page.  She stole it too.)
hee hee

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