Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Explosion card.

In light of endeavoring to try new things, I went to the Peddler's Pack LSS in Beaverton OR today to take a class on the "explosion card."  It folds flat, but when you open it up, it has all kinds of pop up things in it that pop out of the top of the card that is now a box with the lid open.  We had a few of these show up on Seongsook's Stampers a couple of months ago and I even got one from Nancy Keller (from SS) in our "Out of the Box" challenge.  This is the one she sent me.

Isn't this pretty!


This one below is the one I made today in my class.  It says Happy Birthday on it, in case you can't see that.  It was a pretty small stamp.  I love all the different little pieces on it.  Tiny packages on the sides with card stock ribbons, ribbons around the sentiment, ribbons on the other side panels and a ton of happy balloons and a pinwheel that explode out of the top of the box.  It was made with a Sizzix machine and die, but I know there are YouTube videos on how to make one without. It did take quite awhile to make just this one, so it not something I probably would make a lot of.  There is baker's twine tied off around the balloons, and there is a back panel where you can write a brief note.  Folded, as long as the embellishments aren't over the top of the "box" flaps, it fits into an A2 size envelope.  They did give us a large envelope to go with it.  And I would probably hand deliver one like this or mail it in a bubble wrap envelope anyway.  It was a lot of fun to make.

Happy crafting!

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