Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Napkins are AWESOME!

Our May challenge was suggested by Ronni Unger, to make a card using a pretty napkin and Mod Podge for the background or focal point.  In our stampers group we've been having fun sending napkins to each other and going to the Dollar Tree or Tuesday Morning or the Party Store to search out pretty napkins.  Holy cow, hardly any two are alike.  Here are some cards I made using napkins and I still have a stack of pretty napkins to peel apart and stick down to card stock with the glue.

Here's what you do:

-Peel off the top layer of the napkin. They are 2 or 3 layers thick, really.

-"Paint" or smear the Mod Podge on card stock with your finger.   A foam brush works really well.

-Lay down the napkin and smooth it out. Or smooch it up, it makes for nice texture with wrinkles.

-Paint a layer of MP over the top. Some added glitter to the top layer at this point mixed into the MP.  It dries clear and the glitter shines through.  I tried pouring glitter over the top after the last layer of MP and it was not a success.  Later Pete asked me why I had glitter on my forehead.  Some of the ladies embellished with glittery stuff after it had all dried too.

-Let dry. Overnight worked well for me.

-Cut up and use for card fronts!

There are other techniques for making napkin cards, check Google for "napkin cards".  Some use fusible interfacing, some use irons with plastic wrap, but I didn't try those.  This one worked well and I could get all messy!

Fun, fun, fun.


Tie dyed napkins from Bonnie Clark.

That's two toned ribbon in the middle and I thought it looked tie dyed too.  I computer generated the sentiment and had this left over from an earlier card making project.


I used a paisley embossing folder for the green background here.  Yeah, paisley was groovy in the 60s and 70s.  Flower power, man.



These were napkins I bought at the Dollar Tree.  The Eiffel Tower, the Iris and the butterflies were all on one napkin that I just cut apart.  Lovely with the French script too.


This gorgeous one came from Ronni Unger.


There will be a lot more of these later.  I still have a stack of napkins!  Summer theme, flamingos, birthday balloons, coffee, naughty girls.  Oh the fun I'll be having.

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