Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tag challenge

Our  challenge this month was to make a tag or a card with a tag on it to send to one person.  I got this lovely one from my Seongsook Stampers friend Mavis in BC Canada on March 2nd.  It came with this lovely note from her:

"Hi TK,

I was going to write in the card but I don't think I would have room so I'll have to type this out.  This will be much easier to read than my handwriting anyway.  :)

The envelope for my tag was made covered with home made paper the I made myself in the blender from paper scraps, then I hand stitched around it.  The pressed flower and leaf I grew myself and then pressed in between pages of my heavy encyclopedias.  (Those books were good for something.)  I had this envie for a long time, I guess I just need wanted to give it up.  :)

The tag was made several years sister showed me this technique with crackle paint.  As you can see I put one of my favorite graphics on the tag and then added a bit of lace.

Make sure you read the back of the card, because I wouldn't want you to have a sore butt and not know the reason why.

It's been fun teasing each other on facebook.  So glad to have met you TK.

Take care, Mavis"

There is also a pink flower and ferns repeated in a lower corner of the inside of the card as well.
And the following picture shows the tag that came out of the envelope on the front and I posed it on the back of the card so you could see the sticker she added at the bottom.  (giggle)

I just love everything about this.  Hand made paper, hand stitching, her favorite image, the bit of lace, the dried flower and fern on the front tag envelope from her very own garden, dry embossing and red bling in the corners.  This is a very special card and I LOVE it.
Mavis, you rock.

My next post will be the tag I made for my chosen friend Laurie Fleehearty.  
Also from Seongsook's Stampers Group.

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