Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thank you Kelly!

A former co-worker and former Amy's CTMH Stamp Club member told me she was getting rid of a bunch of her crafting stuff and thought I might like to have some of it. She knows I still craft because who can miss all the crafting stuff I post on FB, right?  Well, and I brought up a box of encouragement cards to BOEC recently.  I don't know if she's seen those or not, but I'm sure Debbie Judd Hussey has said something about it, and they are both on day shift.  AND I'm sure I'm the topic of conversation frequently.  (Just kidding!)

Anyway, she said she would bring it to work and if I wanted it, I could come up.  So yesterday we had a date for me to swing by and get it.  HOLY COW....there were four cloth handled grocery size bags of goodies!  I should have brought a hand truck!

I wanted to share the haul with my friends, but didn't want to post ALL the pictures on FB, so here are some snaps of the goodies I brought home yesterday. are going to keep us old gals out of the taverns for many night.  (snicker)

Inks, embellishments, frames, stickers, a stamp placement do-hickey, a stencil and LOTS of stickers.

A girlie girl set, some outdoorsy stamps, flowers and a pretty frame with paw prints and mouses.

A coffee set (you know I'm going to keep that one myself) and this great Southwest design set.  (Yeah, I'm keeping that one too.  I have friends and family that live in NV and other SW states, after all.  Ooooh, the ideas I'm getting for cards.)

Birthday flamingos!  And a set of background stamps.

Who doesn't love House Mouse?

Of all the stamps in this haul, this lovely daisy themed friendship set is only one of two sets that I already had.  And those cute tool stamps...wish I'd had these when there was a call for so many masculine cards on OWH.  I'll still use them!

A bunch of fun sentiments and cute images.  I think that doggie and the fire hydrant are my favorites!

So many fun stamps.  Are you getting card ideas yet?

Moons, stars, frames.  Dreaming of days and nights of crafting...

And two sets of acrylic stamps!  The one on the right even comes with an acrylic block, still in it's original glassine envelope.  I don't think some of these were ever used.  I see a peace symbol!  Far out!

 And now the card stock haul!

There are packs of CTMH design paper in here as well that match some of the card stock.

I didn't get a snapshot of all the embossing powder, there were at least 8 jars of that, 2 were big jumbo size.  And the box of roller stamps with handle, a crimper, a brayer, a couple rolls of ribbon and lots of raffia in a bunch of colors.  

There will be craftiness for countless months of fun here.  

Kelly, you rock.


  1. Wow, you got lots of neat loot there. That should keep you out of mischief for a long time. Wink wink

  2. Holy Moly!!! Have fun, it all looks great!!

  3. yup you won't have time to be in the bars

    Barb Housner

  4. SCORE!!! I await all the greatness

  5. SCORE!!! I await all the greatness

  6. Looks like a great haul, have fun playing with all these goodies!

  7. oh my're going to be having fun aren't you????

  8. SCORE!! Wow that is a lot of crafty fun!!

  9. TK you are going to need to add on to your craft room!!! Have fun and craft on with your new supplies!

  10. You should go bananas trying to decide which to use first :) And what a haul on paper------what a wonderful friend she must be